We did it Joe! 😭

Stepping into a new month with new lessons learned and music to listen to

*Clears throat and stands on table.* We did it Joe! We made it through the first month of the year. The first month of a new era. The first month of resolutions. The first…. you get it right? 😂 Happy Black History Month! I’m proud of us both. We are thriving, staying true to our goals, investing in new affirmations, and trusting ourselves in the process 😌✨.

Sooo now that February is here, what do you have planned?✍🏾 What does a good February look like to you? I’m hoping this month is just as good as the last. While January certainly had its moments, I’m grateful for the highs that made it a good one. A high that I’m grateful for is the release of my first national campaign that I got to be apart of. It was with beauty brand NYX Professional Makeup and I was hype to see it come out 😭❤️. ( brb. I’m ordering a does of reality from Amazon because I still can’t believe it ).

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As I reflect on last month, I can honestly think though the 346 lessons I learned in the span of 31 days. While I won’t share them all now, here are some of my favorite lessons I learned and once again the music I found myself listening to in the process. (And since you’re here, peep the new songs in the playlist while you continue to read.)


Lesson #72: Trust in your voice and yourself ✨

This is a lesson I’m still learning really. It’s also one of those lessons that I feel is always being learned. No matter how long it takes, I’m beginning to understand that the key is just trusting in myself and the voice I have.

“I found the voice within me. No man can curse what God has madе” - Tems

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Okaaaaay back to the lessons. ❤️❤️

Lesson #122: Have fun✨

This year I just want to be where the fun resides. I know we’re still in the middle of a panasonic, but I’ve learned that now more than ever, it’s up to you and I to create the good moments that we need in our lives. Whether it means trying new workouts, new recipes, exploring new places, I’m just here to do it all.

“I just want to have fun. I just want to spend money I just want to have fun” - Bad Boy Tinz ( I never resonated so much with a songs lyrics before. I’m ready outsiddddddde 😭)

Lesson #16: Stay grounded, be present, and the rest will come

This has been a reoccurring message I’ve been sending to myself recently. I’m leaning that being grounded allows for me to stay present and trust that everything else will work itself out.

“Always appreciated the sunny days. Knowing that I had to be grounded before the money came. Knowing that I won't always have to deal with the hunger pains. And if I end up floppin', I'm finna get it another way” - KOTA The Friend

Lesson #84: Don’t forget to breathe

Ready? Inhaleeeeee. Hold it for a few. Now exahaaaaleeee. 🧘🏾‍♀️ I hope this month, you and I can try to take more conscious moments to breathe.

“I said, "I'm ridin' with my windows down, this is". That's just how I feel right now, that's just how it feels” - Joey Bada$$

Lesson #42: Stay tapped into your creativity

Staying creative and trying new things is what keeps me going these days. I hope you’ve been able to find that place where you feel most free to create and try new things.

“World is a product of my design. I done hemmed the hemisphere to fit me exact” - Wesson Desir

I’ll be sharing some more lessons through out the year. If you want to share any with me, let me know. I think my order of reality is already here at my door, so i’ll leave you here. In the meantime peep the lessons, the music that came from it, and this week’s playlist. New music from Bad Boy Timz, Barii, Brent Faiyaz , and Ayra Starr can be found in this week’s playlist.

Talk sooooooooon 💜💜💜

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