Summer is that you? 👀

A song for everyday of the week until then

Happppppy new weeeeeeek! Yesssss I’m inserting all the letters in between because I’m feeling that good. You already know the vibes when we reconnect with one another. 💚 How are you feeling? The sun has been out, the summer ahead is looking real nice, and I’m feeling immense gratitude for the present moment. ✨

Bringing this question right back, how are you though? Seriously, as much joy as I have through these newsletters, I hope you know you can share with me how you are doing or what you’re currently invested in. ( Currently I’m over invested in the tv show Snowfall. It’s the stress and anxiety that this show has given me these last few episodes. I won’t spoil it, but pleaaaaase watch the season finale so we can discuss. A whole analysis on what I thought about it is on the way😭😭)

Now that Snowfall’s season is done, I’ve had quite some time to dive into some new music. 💃🏽 Tap in with a song for everyday of the week and the latest playlist below.


At some point in the week, I’m usually asking: What do I want to listen to? If you have the same question, don’t worry I got you. I recently made a mix for the good people over at The Hood Love Company. I’m really excited about this mix because I just had so much fun making it. Here are 30 minutes of all the songs you’ll need to get your week started.

Tuesday: Jay Loud - Need It Back

I immediately ran this song back when I first heard it. Okay that’s an understatement. You would have thought that I was in the studio helping making this song with the way I’ve been listening to it. It’s forsure one of those songs that will have you in your feelings, but we will not be on that energy this summer. We outside.

Wednesday: GODBY - ysbcmn

For me, Wednesdays serve as a self checkin with how I’m feeling. The best way I can describe what that entails, comes in the form of how this song feels.

Thursday: Bellah - Evil Eye

The weekend? Is that you on the horizon? It’s giving gratitude when this day hits. Find this in the playlist and let Bellah’s “Evil Eye” carry you though the end of the week.

Friday: Sunni Colón - PROVIDE

Okay. I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress enough how spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I’m really looking forward to what this summer will bring. When I think about everything I want it to be for us both, I hope it feels like this.

Saturday & Sunday: The Void Playlist

Enjoy the latest playlist throughout the weekend which features music from Cordae, Joeboy, and Rayana Jay. ✨

Listen Here

I’ll be back sooner than later ❤️

You can find me on Instagram at @thatsnneoma. If you missed the last playlist, find all the songs here in the archive. You can find The Void Playlist and new reads in your inbox on the regular. Puurrrr.