Sooooo it's almost Friday 😌

New artists and music to listen to until then

Doesn’t it feel goooood? 😭😭 I love starting off the week knowing it’s already almost Friday. Shout out to President’s Day weekend. How did you enjoy the holiday? After a wild two weeks for me, I was able to unwind and go skating, get a massage, watch movies, eat good food, explore a new hiking trail, and of course dive into new music.😌

I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists who I feel are up next. You know that feeling you get when you come across a new artist? 👀 Yeaaaah, that’s the feeling I’ve been getting when I listen to the songs that have been in my heavy rotation.

With that said, you and I can dive into the artists and songs that I’m currently listening to. ( Also find them on this week’s playlist. 🙏🏾🙏🏾)


As always, if you have any artists that you’ve been locked in with, let me know 💁🏾‍♀️.

Reggie - Southside Fade

It’s the visuals for meeee. Reggie has been someone I’ve been following since the summer. I’m currently waiting for him to drop some new music, but until then, we can enjoy his “Southside Fade” visual.

Fousheé - Deep End ✨

She really did what needed to be done on this song. Ever since I heard this record, this has been on blast and repeat. Sorry to my neighbors.

YCee - Liar ✨

Waaaait. Do you remember that song “Juice” by YCee? I had never listened to a song so much in my life. I know this to be true according to my number one most listed to song on Spotify 3 years in a row 😭. Well, I’m glad Ycee is back giving us those vibes again with his lastest visuals for “Liar”. Even though the song dropped in 2019, I’m running this back. Tap in with the video.

COSIMA - Philly ✨

Philly just might be a new anthem. If you need a new breakup or situationship song, COSIMA got it.

Reggie Becton- Listenin

The visuaaaaals! I love everything about this song and Reggie’s music. (Not to be confused with the Reggie who was mentioned earlier).

Yaw Tog - SORE

Ghana’s Drill Scene is something I’ve been exploring all last week. I’m really just curious to see how the drill scene out there will evolve and how this will affect the music we see being released across the continent.

I hope these songs can hold you down for the week and I’ll be back to catch up with you same place and same time. Affirming all the good things for you and I until then ✨✨✨.

Talk to you sooooon ❤️❤️❤️

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