New Year, New Friends 👀

Meet Felicia Bennett, an artist manager who is passionate about music and connecting with people

Wow, where is the time going? 👀👀 I can’t believe you and I are already back together once again. I knooowwww. Let me add a sidenote while we are here. ( This whole consistency thing is something I’m proud of. I love it here and appreciate being able to tap in with you. I know I say this a lot, but I mean it really 😭). Now that that’s out of the way, I think it’s that time again for you to meet someone 🤝.

*insert drum roll and feelings of anticipation* Up next in the Friend of a Friend series is Felicia Bennett. Where do I even start? She currently is managing singer songwriter Tanerelle and founder of her own production company. She is also one of my favorite people 💞. I was able to meet her while I was DJing on the Ari Lennox Europe tour, which she was a tour manager on, and have been grateful to continue to know her since✨🙏🏾. Felicia really inspires me through her fearlessness, entrepreneurship, and ability to stay true to herself and roots.

Connect with Felicia in the latest of this series and catch the new vibes in the playlist. This week you can find new music from Alex Isley, Shae Universe, Odunsi, and Mick Jenkins. ( Hit the button to listen to the playlist on Apple Music and click here for Spotify. You can find last week’s vibes in the archive too 📻 )


Can you tell me about yourself?

Heyooo, my name is Felicia Bennett. I’m 27 and I’m from ATL. My roots are jamaican on both sides and I come from a large family. Both of my parents are huge reggae fans so that was what was blasted in my home growing up, but I was quickly exposed to hip-hop and r&b in elementary school. Music and connecting with people are my passions.

I studied the music industry through a 360 lens of the visual and performing arts, communications, business, and finance in the Bandier Program at Syracuse. I’m four years out of school now, living in LA, staying afloat as a business owner and manager. Currently, things that spark joy for me are views, time at the beach, a crisp hard cider, and the bachelor lol.

What is Get A Room and what inspired you to start it?

Get A Room is the production company that I started in 2017 after multiple creative friends of mine showed me the dope music and art they were making, but struggled with putting together their own events and building their fanbases. I started throwing showcases in downtown Atlanta and Castleberry Hill. We have since grown to encompass tour management, artist management, and consulting services for creatives as well. 

You're currently managing singer and songwriter Tanerelle. What's one of the biggest lessons you've learned being a manager? 

I love this question. We actually just did our end of the year debrief and goal setting for 2021. I have a solid list of lessons lol. I’ve been managing Tanerelle for just over a year now and she is independent. My biggest takeaway has been that there are no real rules. You can be as creative and innovative as you want, especially when negotiating a bag. Always talk money over email or anywhere you can reference back to amounts, stipulations, and asks. Before you step onto a set, a stage, a studio session, [or] anything work related, you should agree upon how much you are getting paid, how and where you will receive payment, and when that money needs to be in your account. Contracts are helpful. 

How has your relationship with music evolved over the years?

My love for music has grown immensely. Every year, I’m exposed to more artists and their music - both live and recorded. Music has always gotten me up in the morning and it helps me get through my day. I’ve gone to more concerts than I can even remember at this point. I’ve gone from being the kid in the audience to being the adult that helps create these experiences for others. I’ve been a part of 7 tours and my newest venture is artist management which has really been the biggest challenge of all. I’m so happy I took the leap of faith when Tanerelle asked me to manage her. Now, I understand a lot more of the intricacies of music and the industry but I’m constantly learning. 

You've been able to tour internationally and nationally as a tour manager. If you could go back to any city or country and experience a show again, what would it be and why?

I’d have to say Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been twice - once in the summer and in the winter. The summer show was at this sick outdoor venue under a bridge that had 2 stages, bleachers, a dining area, and multiple rooms inside. The winter show was at this indoor underground venue right on the water. The crowds were surprisingly diverse, the energy was incredible both times, the food was great, and the night life was fantastic. Gorgeous place, gorgeous people, all round wonderful time. Cool city, would recommend. 

Self care looks like _____?

Giving myself grace. 

Describe your current mood with a meme or gif? 

Last book you read?

The Sun and Her Flowers. 


I have a life worth living and celebrating. 

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