It's the New Year For Me ✨

Meet NeenoSky, an emerging artist who is staying consistent to make his dreams a reality

Happy New Yeeeeaaar! Can you feel the good vibes in the air already? Shout out to January for coming in correct. I’m affirming that that this year will be a good one where we drink more water, leave all things that don’t serve us behind, and thrive 💁🏾‍♀️✨. *lights incense*

Have you committed to any New Year Resolutions? (Let me know if you need an accountability partner 👀👀). This year I’ve committed to a few. I’m focusing on being more intentional and sharing more new music. I plan to dive further into new artists all of 2021 and I will of course share them here with you. Again, let’s raise our glass and cheers to the good year and good music that is ahead of us.🥂

With that said, I feel like now is a great time to introduce you to the artists I’ve been listening to and exploring in this new series The Other Side. Through this series, I hope you will discover artists and songs that will get you through the year. 🎧

As you’ve come to know, I love Afrobeats . It’s the good vibes and catching a slow whine for meeee. ( Yes I love this phrase and will keep using it until further notice 😂 ) In all seriousness though, Afrobeats just has the ability to transport you and I to a place where life just feels good. I got this same feeling last year when I came across NeenoSky’s track “Open & Close.” The record has been in rotation since. ( Peep the song in the playlist archive).

For the latest The Other Side, get to know NeenoSky in the Q&A below. Also check out this week’s playlist featuring music from Kenyon Dixon, Rockie Fresh, and Gwen Bunn. ( Click here to listen on Spotify or the button for Apple Music)


Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is NeenoSky. I was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in both Ghana and the Bronx, NY. I am now based in Minneapolis, MN. 

New Jack City is one of my favorite movies and you share the same name as one of the main characters. What inspired you to name yourself after him?

I liked how Nino was tough and how he became successful despite the negatives. That is one my favorite movies and it reminded me of how I grew up in Ghana and The Bronx. When you grow up in The Bronx you can see a lot of bad things, but my personality and mentality got me out of a lot of trouble. I was a leader. My friends trusted me for my judgment. I led the wolf pack in a way. 

What is your earliest memory of experiencing and falling in love with music and Afrobeats?

My earliest experience of falling in love with music was watching Akon and P. Diddy’s [Bad Boy’s] music videos on BET. I liked Akon because I related with him as an African who was inspiring all African youth that didn’t believe in following their music dreams due to their accent. I was also inspired by P. Diddy because he made something out of nothing, his not giving up mentality, and how fresh and cool his group presented themselves. 

What has your journey been like as an emerging artist?

My journey has been of course interesting. There are a lot of ups and downs of learning how the music industry functions, but I have a great team that makes it easier for us to deal with [it]. I can’t complain as long as we stay consistent and keep pushing, our dreams will become a reality.

What are you currently working on and excited for?

I’m currently working on a bunch of new singles and building a solid fan base to follow. I’m excited for the world to hear my story and hoping that people can relate to it. I’m also excited about hopefully putting out a full EP. A full body of work that can someday be considered a masterpiece.

What African Proverb makes the most sense now that you're older and pursuing music?

My dad always told me the “dumber” you play the more you gain from learning. It means to be patient, humble, accept you're wrong doing, and listen and wait for the right timing to strike. This makes so much sense to me now that I’m older. 

Nigerian Jollof Rice or Ghanian Jollof Rice?

Of course Ghana Jollof! 

You can connect with NeenoSky and his music here. As you do that, peep the playlist and I’ll be back to tap in with you once again next weeeeeeek 💛💛

You can find me on Instagram at @thatsnneoma. If you missed the last playlist, find all the songs here in the archive. You can find The Void Playlist in your inbox every Tuesday. Puurrrr.