Can we talk about love? ❤️

Meet Malcolm Brinkley and Victoria Wright whose love story started with one question

Is it that time again? Valentine’s Day is back already ☺️. I couldn’t believe it until I went to the store and saw all the holiday decor you could imagine. Looking back, my first concepts of love ironically came at two pivotal moments. The first was listening to Keyshia Cole’s album The Way It Is. Listeeeeeen. When I heard her song “Love” and the rest of the songs on the album, I began to understand love as this thing that exists in the duality of happiness and pain. The second moment was when I first watched my favorite movie Brown Sugar.

For me, the way the main characters Sidney and Andre were able to proclaim their love for each other through music, sent me. 😭😭

With these 2 moments giving me a young perspective on all things love, I’ve always been inspired by those defining what it really means to go on the journey to attain it.

As I’ve been introducing you to those in my tribe and we talk about love, I think it’s that time you meet Malcolm Brinkley and Victoria Wright. Malcolm and Victoria are two creatives who both inspire me individually with their platforms (On The Brink and Feather magazine) and together with their capacity to love others and each other.

Get to know them in the first edition of It’s All Love Baby. ( Yesss another new series. You have to know by now I love a new column 😂) Annnnd of course I got you with the latest playlist 💁🏾‍♀️. This week’s playlist features all the love songs you need to affirm the love you deserve and already have. *Listen on Apple Music or Spotify*


How did you both meet?

Malcolm: You were there Nneoma! We met at a day party in Hollywood, shoutout to Everyday People (the day party), and the rest of was history! I saw her in line when I was arriving and knew I wanted to say SOMETHING! Sure enough as I was ready to leave, hours later, I finally found her and approached her. I asked one question energetically: Who are you?

I love everything about that! Big shoutout to Everyday People. Victoria is that how you remember it?

Victoria: I met Malcolm at Everyday People last fall. My best friend destiny convinced me to leave the house lol. I loved going to the parities, but that particular day I was feeling [like a] homebody. I think I was there for an hour and 15 minutes before I looked at her and told her this would be the last two songs we dance to before I bounce. This Janet Jackson song started playing and I turned around and saw Malcolm. He def had an energy, but I tried to play it off cool until he asked me that question. I definitely knew he was different after that opener.

What was your response when he asked you that?

Victoria: I  remember telling him I was a storyteller, a light, and I can’t remember the last one.

Malcolm: You said a storyteller, a light - and I think you said creative writer! You big upped your creativity and that confidence spoke to me!

Can you both tell me about the first date ?

Malcolm: The first date was sooooo fire! It felt like a movie to me!

Picked her up at 7:30 PM and was waiting for her at the apt building door HYPED!

She looked amazing!

I held her door open as she got in the whip and off we went to Ysabels off Fairfax to dinner for our first interview with each other! I mean, date and interrogation 😂

I guess our line of questioning went very well cause we both agreed to doing drinks at Mama Shelter after.

Victoria: The date was amazing. He definitely got bonus points for waiting outside of my apartment instead of in the car. I was in the phone with him a couple of hours before and he was telling me to be ready for an adventure. I brought a bag with a change of clothes because I didn’t know what was going on. He had plans to go to laser tag, but we were so wrapped up talking we decided to grab drinks at Mama Shelter.

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Being that we’re in the middle of a parallelogram, what’s one thing you both have learned about love during this time?

Malcolm: I never would’ve thought that a panoramic would be the third wheel in our relationship, but QUALITY TIME is so important. Quality time with each other and quality time individually. The panini has everyone feeling a little stuck or trapped I feel like, at least for me! It’s one thing to just always be with each other, but it’s different to really spend quality time with each other. I’ve really valued our quality experiences and time together during the whole panasonic cause it’s really made appreciating, “the little things” a whole lot more special.

Victoria: I’ve learned vulnerability, patience and [that] genuine listening [is] so important. Definitely didn’t expect the panini to be the background for our relationship, but it’s taught me to really be grateful for the experiences and to makes the best out of our time with each other. It’s easy to get bogged down and negative during this time, but what’s been really beautiful is having a partner that still supports and loves you during those periods. Agree on the quality time too - together and apart. You need time to regenerate.

What advice would you give to someone out there looking for love or in a relationship?

Malcolm: Be the boyfriend or girlfriend youd be in your relationship right now. Behave as though your woman or man is waiting on you at home and be present in that feeling. I started acting as if I was in a relationship ahead of meeting Victoria and that practice aligned me with what I ultimately wanted!

Victoria: Yeah I second that. And give a new prospect an opportunity to show up for you by being upfront with what you want. For advice in a relationship, I would say stay present and in gratitude as much as possible.

What is your favorite part about the other?

Victoria: I love Malcolm’s tenacity and the spark that he gets when he has an idea. He has an amazing gift to bring people together and really build on his aspirations. He makes a lot of things bigger than life. He’s also incredibly supportive and kind. I can tell him anything. That last part isn’t easy for me! I’m not usually one to open up a lot, but being in this relationship has changed that.

Malcolm: I adore Victoria’s warmth! She is incredible at holding space for those she loves. I feel like I am safe and cared for with Victoria! That same energy is what drives her journey and greater purpose.I love how she’s choosing to change the world!

If you had to pick one song to be the soundtrack to your love story, what would it be?

Malcolm: “Sweet Thing” but there’s this cover by Dijon that is just in our key. 🎶

Victoria: I’m going to say Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In The Rapture.”

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