A message. An affirmation. A word.

New music and shows to get you through the week

I hear you. 🗣Nooooo, like I really hear you. That’s what I was telling Jazmine Sullivan all weekend as I listened to her album Heaux Tales over and over. The entire project, has not only given me life, but also offers a whole message, affirmation, and word as to what it means to love and be in love in 2021. 🤎🤎🤎

That’s what I was on this weekend. What were you up to? Whether it was productive, rooted in relaxation, or somewhere in between, I hope it was what you envisioned it to be 💞. Since we’re in the middle of a parallelogram, I’ve been exploring my feelings, new hobbies, and all things deep in the realms of the Internet on the weekends.

Here are a few of those things.

*Side note: You already know I couldn’t continue without telling you that new music has been added to the playlist. Check out the latest songs while you read.* Okay now you can choose to continue. 😌 ( Click here to listen on Spotify or the button for Apple Music. Annnnd you can find all the songs from previous playlists in the archive here. )


  1. Kojey Radical - 28 🇬🇧🇬🇧 : I’m lowkey still salty that I didn’t go to his concert last February, but I’ll just play this song over and over and pretend that I did 😂. Kojey is one of my favorite rappers to come out of the UK. Tap in.

  2. Tobe Nwigwe - Tundah Fiyah Ft. Nell & Mumu Fresh : Is it the lyrics? The fire outfits? The cinematogrpahy? I’ll take all 3 please. The video says it all. This has been played every single day since it’s dropped. 💃🏽🔥

  3. Jazmine Sullivan’s Tiny Desk: Clealry I’ve been living on Youtube 😭. As I mentioned earlier, her new album Heaux Tales has been in HEAVY rotation. When outside opens back up, I’ll be first in line to buy tickets to see her perform this album live.

  4. Joshua Neal’s - I always Knew You: I looovveee a good short film. Joshua' Neal’s short film tells the story of suppressed feelings and when a good conversation goes bad. What starts as jokes, quickly turns bad and we’ve all been there. 🎬

  5. Deacon King Kong: yasssss New Book Alert 🚨📚! I’m just getting started on this if you want to read along. This book tells the story of a community broken by the drug game.

  6. The Void - I really appreciate you for checking out the playlist each week. If you have any recommendations, I do want to hear them. Let me know who those artists are that I should be checking out and in the meantime listen to the new playlist featuring music from Bas, Ambre, and Budgie.

  7. The Hookup Plan: Netflix really came through with this one. I can always appreciate a Netflix orginal series that can be binge watched in 3-5 days. The latest episode just dropped.

  8. Tabitha Brown’s Vegan Tacos: I’ve been making new recipes and I’m really proud how this one turned out. Never in a million years did I think I would be making these type of tacos, but I’m glad I did. *warms up leftovers* 🌮🌮

  9. Affirmation: I can, I will, It’s done. ✨

Wow look at that. You and I have good music to check out, new videos to watch, and a new recipe to try. I meeaaaan if that’s not a good week already, then what is? ✨

Talk to you sooooon 👀

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